The Project


In 2005, an exceptional south-facing location was found, with a 180º mountain range view from Serra da Estrela to Caramulo, located along the banks of the Mondego river, having all the requisites for the desired real estate and farming project. The property contained a centenary village, where agriculture was the main activity until 30 years ago. Since then, it was abandoned and naturally evolved into wilderness until 2009.

In 2006, it was decided to acquire the property and the process to purchase 40 hectares was complex, taking nearly six years to complete. It involved dealing and negotiating with dozens of owners and close to two hundred property title deeds.

The main objective is to recoup and modernize the ruins of the old houses, creating a ‘rural condominium’, and reinstate agricultural activities such as a vineyard as well as the construction of 17 plots for luxury holiday villas.

The potential investors in QVVV will be stakeholders in the company, through shareholdings or an annual allocation of bottles, and simultaneously own a private plot and house for their exclusive use.