Real Estate

villas, bedroom luxurious bed and breakfast, with restaurant and wine shop

The project foresees the construction of 17 beautiful villas, and a 10 bedroom luxurious bed and breakfast boutique hotel, with restaurant and wine shop.

The first phase consists of seven units with private areas up to 7,000m2 and the second phase consists of the remaining 10 units with corresponding private areas up to 1,500m2.

The villas will be built with traditional building materials, namely granite stone and wood, and designed in a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture, in such a way as to maximise both the views and privacy of the surrounding environment, blending the villas into the landscape. Sustainability will be an important aspect as well, using several energy and thermal efficient construction techniques, such as re-utilisation of both rain and domestic waters.

With 17 luxurious villas, a boutique hotel, restaurant and wine shop looking out on to the Mondego river, and a robust and dynamic vineyard growing Dao’s finest Portuguese wine, QVVV will be providing a peaceful and serene environment in which to enjoy only the highest quality of wine tourism.